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Paruresis Treatment: The Value of Support Groups

Published on October 6, 2010 By shybladdercure

One of the hardest things a Paruretic has to deal with is the feeling of isolation. What’s so unique about Paruresis is that although millions of people suffer from the disorder, everyone copes alone. Of course, the fear of embarrassment, rejection and humiliation make this so, however if sufferers only knew how beneficial ‘sharing their [...]

Effective Paruresis Cure: Challenging Your Irrational “Self-Talk”

Published on September 22, 2010 By shybladdercure

If you’re looking for a Paruresis cure, you’re probably all too familiar with the emotional┬ároller-coaster Shy Bladder Syndrome plays on your life. You’ll be out at the mall or cinema feeling relaxed, having a good time with your friends or family, then gradually, you feel a sudden urge to “go”. In the space of just [...]