Shy Bladder Tip That Gets Instant Results

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I’d like to share with you a highly effective shy bladder tip that I’ve taught one of my clients. Since using it he’s been able to use public urinals about 75% of the time. Previously he couldn’t use them at all; a massive improvement to say the least.

It’s very simple to apply and can be adapted to your personal preference.

Shy Bladder Tip

When you’re out in public and you notice that dreaded urge to ‘go’, panic signals fire off in your head. This is the beginning of a certain psychological pattern that has been ‘programmed’ into your subconscious. The pattern communicates to your body that the environment is unsafe, therefore it physically won’t allow you to ‘go’.

The trick is: Interrupt the pattern.

A highly effective way of doing this (and very simple in concept) is to try and work out a challenging maths sum in your head. For example, walk up to a urinal and try to work out 173 + 364. Takes a bit of thinking right? You’ll notice that as all your concentration focuses on the calculation, your body relaxes and nature is able to take its course.

What’s happening is that the process of calculating a sum interrupts the ‘shy bladder pattern’, therefore, it can’t run in the way that it’s used to. A pattern interrupt is the equivalent of taking a knife and scratching a disk; do it consistently enough and the disk can never be played in the same way again.

I’d also highly recommend coming up with at least 3 different ‘interrupts’ that you can call on instantly. Everyone’s different and responds in different ways. Take the time to brainstorm specific tools that will get the best response out of you. Remember, the goal is to interrupt your programmed pattern; anything that can achieve this (not matter how unusual or silly it may seem) is extremely effective.

For example, you could start reciting your favourite song in your head, you could find a long word and see how many new words you can make out of it or you could try reciting the alphabet backwards in your head! It really doesn’t matter what you choose, what matters is the results you get!

Now as I mentioned above, my client was able to achieve a 75% success rate using this effective shy bladder tip. It’s no magic bullet and there will be times when circumstances take over. However practice it regularly and it’ll go a long way to improving the current state of your condition.

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