Paruresis Hypnosis: Why Paul Levrant’s Course Is So Effective

Hypnotherapy is widely regarded as the most effective treatment for Paruresis among medical professionals, psychological professionals, and cured patients. Now don’t get me wrong, techniques such as Systematic Desensitization, challenging your irrational ‘self-talk’, and telling a loved-one about your condition are proven to work. However, when used in combination with powerful Shy Bladder Hypnosis; the results come quicker.

The human mind is a locked conundrum; it can take several keys open it. These keys comes from a variety of sources, so if you’re desperate to cure your Paruresis once and for all, it’s crucial you explore every treatment technique available.

Paul Levrant’s shy bladder hypnosis makes use of the very latest Hypnosis and Behavioural Therapy techniques, which is why it is so effective and has such a high success rate. The Shy Bladder Cure course contains three separate audio’s which are designed to be listened to in sequence. Each of the sessions is to be listened to for seven consecutive days; before moving on to the next without break.

Session Number One is your introduction to relaxation. It uses powerful meditative and hypnosis techniques to get your mind and body used to the feeling of focused calmness.  Regular use of this audio teaches your subconscious that the relaxation you create in your body, is in fact, a result of the decision that you yourself make. By experiencing and practising this relaxation, you will learn to recreate it whenever you want or need to; under any conditions or circumstances.

Session Number Two begins work specifically on the  Bladder Shyness issue. It will help you address and eliminate any historical cause for your Paruresis. This technique is highly effective even if you have no immediate memory of a particular incident or events in the past that may have led to your Paruresis. Then, by using state-of-the-art subliminal and audio-sensory techniques, you are subconsciously and consciously introduced to the idea of full control over the muscles that regulate your flow. This will begin boosting the confidence that is necessary for you to regain complete conscious control at will.

Session Number Three takes you through the subconscious “rehearsal” of situations where you used to experience Paruesis, and allows you to feel naturally in control of your bladder. Once again the audio uses subliminal and audio-sensory techniques enabling you to gain complete confidence in your new-found ability.  This audio also employs powerful and unique metaphor-driven visualisations to ensure the success of your Programme.

Bottom linePaul’s shy bladder hypnosis works. To download it, click here.

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