Eliminate Your Bladder Shyness – Let The Secret Out

Bladder shyness is a strange phenomenon; so many people have it (approximately 17 million), yet no one is willing to talk about it. It’s understandable of course, those who endure a life restricted by Shy Bladder Syndrome find the disorder extremely embarrassing. They question why they can’t perform one of the most basic and necessary bodily functions, but of course the answer to this question lies deep in the subconscious mind. The cause is typically traced back to an anxiety-provoking event many years ago, such as being harassed while attempting to “go” or being hurried in a congested environment. However, this isn’t the only aspect that now contributes towards your bladder shyness on a daily basis

Your “secret identity” as a Paruretic also inhibits your ability to urinate in public. Let’s say for example you haven’t told your best friend that you regularly experience bladder shyness. Your out together at a ball game, and both need the toilet at half-time. On the way there you start to panic… What if your friend sees that you’re unable to go? What will they think of you? What if they tease you in front of everyone? What if they tell people you know that you couldn’t even pee?… by this point your heart is absolutely racing, and your subconscious mind is in overdrive looking to protect you from any possible danger that might threaten your safety. Your chances of “going” at this point are a little above zero! Your mind is on high-alert. Not because there are genuine dangers in the toilet, but because your best friend (someone you trust wholeheartedly) is unaware of your suffering.

The fundamental reason for bladder shyness is the minds’ attempt to avoid pain or potentially distressing scenarios. Therefore, you’re probably not going to like the following advice; however its implementation is crucial to your overcoming of Shy Bladder Syndrome.

  • You must disclosure your condition to someone close in your life.

As soon as you “let your bladder shyness secret out”, the burden you’ve dealt with on your own for so long finally doesn’t seem so heavy. Of course, it’s essential to share it with someone you completely trust like a spouse, partner, or best friend. Not only does this help avoid scenarios like the example mentioned earlier, but it also gives you someone to talk to about your condition, and most importantly; someone to practice with.

Now this might seem a bit odd; someone to practice with… but it’s an extremely effective technique and will get you results; especially when implemented with the advice given in the Overcoming Your Bashful Bladder Through Systematic Desensitization blog post. If it’s your spouse or partner, they can do things like walk past the toilet door, walk behind you, tell you to hurry up, and stand next to you whilst you attempt to “go”. If it’s a best friend, you can ask them to accompany you to a toilet whilst out in public and attempt to “go” in consecutive urinals. They can pace behind you, they can chat to you whilst you pee, the list goes on.

Repetition is the mother of skill; if you want to eliminate your bladder shyness once and for all, you need to practice. Telling your nearest and dearest about your Shy Bladder Syndrome, gives them an opportunity to help you. Don’t ignore this stage of your treatment because of a fear of embarrassment; the benefits far outweigh the costs. Bite the bullet, tell someone today, and get rid of your bladder shyness for good.

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