How To Cure Your Paruresis In 3 Weeks

If you are currently battling Paruresis – also called “Shy Bladder Syndrome” or “Pee Shyness” – there are two things you need to know:

  1. You are not alone – according to recent statistics more than 17 million people suffer from this condition … and
  2. You can overcome it!

Often referred to as Pee-Shyness, Shy Bladder or Bashful Bladder, Paruresis is a social anxiety disorder that makes people who need to urinate unable to do so when they think others can see or hear them. It also describes people who experience difficulty ‘going’ under the stress of time pressure or when traveling on moving vehicles.

The condition is nothing to be ashamed of as at least 7% of the population suffers from it – of course, if you are a Paruresis sufferer not being ashamed is much easier said than done.

It can also be very detrimental to your health.

Many people start drinking less fluid so they don’t have to go when they are out and some people have reported not urinating for as long as 10, 12, 16, or even 20 hours because they could not find a ‘safe’ bathroom.

Not urinating for this length of time can be very hard on your bladder and kidneys and can lead to the formation of stones in either organ, or cystitis which is also very painful.

A delay before urination in public places is perfectly natural … it’s a natural survival response– we are vulnerable while urinating and thus need to ensure that the environment is safe before we proceed.

However, for Paruresis sufferers the delay causes anxiety which further hinders their ability to urinate. Then as their anxiety increases, the body interprets the environment as not being safe, causing the internal sphincter to shut and make urination impossible.

This condition can have a truly debilitating and even incapacitating effect on a person’s life.

For example, chronic sufferers may find it difficult to travel very far from their home and still others may find it impossible to urinate even in their own home if they can hear anyone else there.

Some of those suffering from Paruresis trace their condition back to emotional, physical or sexual abuse while some others trace it to a particularly anxiety-provoking toilet training experience.

However, the vast majority of Paruresis sufferers blame a specific, traumatic event that usually occurred in their early adolescence. These events generally involve some type of teasing or harassment while trying to use the restroom.

When Paruresis sufferers need to go to the bathroom but can’t while others are present, the subconscious mind believes you need to be protected and therefore prevents urination to ensure your safety.

Simply put, Hypnotherapy will retrain your unconscious mind to feel relaxed so that you can urinate normally.

My name’s Paul Levrant and I am a professional clinical Hypnotherapist who created the Shy Bladder Cure product based on countless hours of clinical practice. I then tested the audios on my own real-life clients before offering them as a downloadable course.

I’ve created three audios that will guide you into a comfortable, relaxed, confident state of mind where your Paruresis will be naturally and comfortably addressed and alleviated.

Just listen to each audio daily for one week and in three weeks you will have overcome your Paruresis and will be able to confidently and comfortably urinate in a public restroom.

This product works. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. In fact, I’m so sure that it will work for you that I offer you a money-back guarantee… If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

Now, let me show you more of my credentials so that you can be sure that I am who I say I am and that I have the skill and expertise to help you quickly and safely overcome Paruresis.


A Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
A Diploma in Hypnotherapy
A Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming
A Certificate in Stress Management
Membership of the National Council for Hypnotherapy
Membership of the General Hypnotherapy Register

How much would you expect to pay for convenient, easy-to-use tools that will allow you to overcome Paruresis and regain both your confidence and your life?

Well, just one-hour session with a reputable hypnotherapist could cost you $150 or more and that’s not even taking into account any of the following:

  • Having to find time in your busy schedule to travel to the therapist’s office
  • Taking off work for your appointment
  • Paying for the gas to get to the office
  • Having to reveal your problem to someone else in person

As you can see, even hundreds of dollars would not be unreasonable to many considering the many benefits of my audio product.

But relax, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that much for the Shy Bladder Cure Audio Program.

In fact, right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of a special promotional offer and receive the Shy Bladder Cure Audio Program for just $47 – that’s a full $103 off the regular price of $150!

Here’s the bottom line to this incredible program:

Get my Shy Bladder Cure Audio Program and in no time you’ll be able to walk confidently into any restroom, urinate, wash your hands and leave. In no time, you won’t be thinking about this issue at all!

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